When The Saints Go Marching In

This one is fun and easy. The verse is 16 measures long. The first 16 measures is a simple version using only basic clawhammer strokes (tock-ticka-tock-ticka). The second 16 measures add some hammer-ons, pull-offs, double-thumbing, as well as the traditional call-back melody.

Standard tuning, key of C. Probably would sound good accompanied by a C harmonica.


Click here for a pdf version of this tab

One thought on “When The Saints Go Marching In

  1. Marc Geisler

    Thank you VERY MUCH for these very enjoyable 5 clawhammer uke arrangements. with the very helpful performance notes. They are extremely fun, though I can play them as quickly as you can! The videos really. Altogether, the tabs, performance notes, and video are a terrific resource for those of us trying to develop this style, extending from Aaron’s book into more material. GREAT JOB.


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