Clawhammer Ukulele resources

As I begin work preparing a clawhammer ukulele workshop for the coming Ukulele Melee, I decided to take some time to wander the various YouTube offerings. Seems like everybody has their own idea of the right way to teach clawhammer technique. I watched many, but here are the ones I would recommend:

I wish I could remember how I was taught, but it was over 15 years ago. I can’t even remember the name of my banjo instructor! She was a great musician who wrote out tabs for me by hand during the lesson, all from memory. She must have known hundreds of tunes. I don’t remember struggling with the technique, but I do remember that it took quite awhile to get up to speed.

In addition to these videos, I also recommend Aaron Keim’s Clawhammer Ukulele book – which is available for Kindle and also from Etsy.

Barry Sholder also has a Clawhammer Ukulele book which is available from Amazon.

You can also find some great (free!) clawhammer ukulele tabs by Richard Hefner at ezFolk. I particularly like this version of Oh Susanna.

One thought on “Clawhammer Ukulele resources

  1. carla

    Thanks very much for the clawhammer workshop at Ukulele Melee. I had taken a workshop in May, at the West Coast Ukulele Retreat, but didn’t have much luck remembering how to do it. So this was great to be able to take it again, this time I get it a little more.


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