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June Apple

This one is in open C tuning, gCEG. Basically you just tune your A string down one whole step, so that it matches your re-entrant g string. This tuning closely mirrors open G tuning on a 5-string banjo.

I usually avoid special tunings – because I hate tuning my strings above all things. But every once in awhile I do so anyway.

This was inspired by a YouTube performance by Scott Rogers on a baritone ukulele.

I’ve taken some… liberties with the B part, to get it to work on a re-entrant ukulele. Artistic license.


Click here for a pdf version of this tab

This one really is not too difficult. Couple of special things:

1) Watch the videos to get the timing right on the hammer-on at the end of the 2nd measure. I like to then rest my thumb on the fourth string until the next upbeat.

2) In the B part, you have a few options to play the descending riff in measures 9, 11, and 13. I like the pull-off described in the tab. You could also try sliding down from the fourth fret (Scott Rogers does that repeatedly in his performance). Finally you could play the E string open and drop thumb to play the 2nd fret of the C string.

My performance is nice and slow… to help you learn it! Yeah.